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*60min.:200€ — 90min.:300€ — 120min.:350€ 30min.:150€

This massage is our signature. It adheres to the tantric philosophy, ast it awakens your senses to exacerbate in you some sensuality aspects about yourself that you may not even know. In a pure naturist atmosphere, it is practiced with hot oils that our masseuse will slowly flow all over your body.Far from the spas and other classic massage centres, this massage is very erotic and shall open the doors of pleasure to you. It aims at making you forget the everyday life worries, and the stress that comes along with. At the same time, it will make you aware of your body and the wellness that it can bring you.Because each masseuse performs her art in her own personal manner, according to her personality, sensitivity and her definition of the tantric, the time you will spend with the lady of your choice will always be both intimate and unique.



Our team consists of several masseuses equally beautiful, attractive and unrivalled to one another. Thanks to this feature, we can understand that it is not always easy to make a choice. That’s why we give you here the occasion to discover the sensuality and the approach of two of our masseuses.So you will spend the first half hour in the arms of a first masseuse who will then let you enjoy the remaining other half hour in the arms of a second masseuse. The exchange will be smooth though, since you will be enjoying a four-hand massage.



This massage was created for our somewhat greedy and hesitant customers.Let yourself be pampered by two of our gorgeous masseuses and share with them a moment of unprecedented symbiosis.Altogether and in a great complicity ambiance, they will entirely wrap you up with their tantric know-how, in order to take you to the borders of a galaxy of supreme pleasures.

La Gourmandise

A service provide by Ruby, Lin, Leslie, Eva, Athéna,  Alicia, Bella and Emmily.


The idea of having a prostate massage can seem a bit unconventional for some people. But it is practiced for its sexual stimulation. The prostate is considered as the male G point . We are inviting you to discover this sensual experience that is know to some and unknown of some.

Yoni & Lingam massage

A service provide by our entire team.


Exclusively, we offer you this intimate massage. It is part of the tantric tradition for ages. The massage of the genitals, “Yoni” for female and “Lingam” for male is mostly centered on those parts of th body.
The genitals in tantra are known as the root of our vitality. It is essential to take care of them.

The genitals are holding all our memories. The massage of those parts is an invitation to free and balance this vitality.

This kind of massage is different than the classical tantric massage. The approach is accurate and sweet to increase awareness and to dissolve tensions of those intime parts. No caress exchange, the masseuse will hold space for you through this journey to yourself.

The masseuse guides the people all along this opening process. An intention will be decide before the session.
She’ll take care to relax the whole body first, and will softly take care to develop and increase consciousness at the level of the genitals.
At the end of the session, a sharing moment is advised to debrief the experience.
This kind of massage has powerful healing effects, balances the emotions and cures the soul.

A deep transformative and healing experiment.


A service provide by Alicia, Bella, Lin, Athéna and Leslie.

*60min.:280€ – 90min.:350€.

Sensual practices evolve according to various and varied trends.
Nowadays, some massage salons and institutes offer services in this direction.
Anna Berry Massage lets her clients enjoy the soft domination by herself.
Explore the limits of your sensitivity and dare the variants of the naturist Massage associated with soft domination using playful accessories.
Away to spice up the erotic Massage experience.